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In order to benefit from our interest rates, you can open a Personal Savings Account with us based on a period of your choice. 

At the end of the interest period, unless stated by account holder, the interest is renewed with same terms and current interest rate. 

Upon maturity, your earned interest can be deposited to an account of your choice. Alternatively, you can choose to withdraw the interest only and carry on with the original savings terms. If you decide to withdraw your main deposit before its maturity, you can still earn an interest based on the days passed. 

If you wish to open a Savings Account through our Internet account, you must open an e-account first. Once you create your e-account, then you can order a Savings Account easily with a simple instruction for us. 

You can open a Savings Account with  1 month, 3 months, 6 months, 1 year maturity  options in TL, EURO, USD, GBP currencies.