İnvestments 1

Living and working abroad? Planning your retirement? Or just looking for somewhere safe to place your money? Build up your wealth in an offshore savings account, with interest paid gross of tax. Mondial Private Bank (IBU) Ltd. is the right address for all of these.  

Fixed Term Deposit Account  

Put your money away for a fixed amount of time and enjoy the certainty of knowing exactly how much interest you are going to earn.  

  • Available in all major currencies, including Sterling, US dollars and Euro
  • Earn high interest rates - fixed for up to 5 years
  • Interest rates increase with the size of your deposit
  • Interest paid gross of tax
  • Free account opening and no annual fee
  • International money transfers and bill payments at reduced rates
  • Refundable by LC, SBLC and Bank Guarantees
  • Open an account with £10000, $20,000, €20,000
  • Withdrawals at any time other than maturity will incur a $500 handling fee plus the cost to IBU of funding the repayment.