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Anti-Money Laundering Financing Policy Statement
Mondial Private Bank (IBU) Ltd. remains committed to preventing our institution from being used, in any manner, by persons engaged in transactions or other activities designed to conceal the true source of funds derived from criminal activity or used to fund criminal activity, including terrorism.  "Mondial Private Bank (IBU) Ltd.", is subject to local laws and regulations designed to prevent Money Laundering.

KYC  general principles:

1- Mondial Private Bank (IBU) Ltd. will take reasonable steps to determine the true identity of all customers. Beneficial owners of all accounts must be verified by our staff including their identity, address and brief history.
2- Mondial Private Bank (IBU) Ltd. have on-going monitoring and auditing system  with the policies and procedures as we are subject to strict control by the central bank.
3- Our staff trained for  International Anti Money Laundering policies and procedures and all the requirement of local law and regulations are updated with any new addition in the law immediately.
4- Mondial Private Bank (IBU) Ltd. staff are required the disclosure of suspicious transaction to compliance department immediately which will be definitely  reported  to Central Bank by their official request form.
5- Every Mondial Private Bank (IBU) Ltd. associate is responsible for complying with all applicable AML laws, regulations, the Policy and the procedures that implement the Policy. All managers should make reasonable attempts to verify that all associates in their areas are fully informed of this Policy. 
6- Mondial Private Bank (IBU) Ltd. maintain a complete record of customers and account beneficiaries, identification, transaction history a minimum period of twelve months.

Our KYC report contains the following data:

• Company name/registered number 
• Previous company name(s) 
• Registered office address 
• Date of incorporation 
• Principal activities 
• Adverse information on liquidation, receivership, administration or winding-up notices 
• Directors details including home address, date of birth, nationality, other directorships 
• Shareholders details including address, and number and par value of shares held 
• Beneficial Owner declaration
• Financial history, including turnover, profit, net assets, shareholder funds, profit margin, return on shareholder funds, return on capital employed.