History 1

Mondial Private Bank (IBU) Ltd. is a licensed International  Bank registered in theTurkish Republic of Northern CyprusMondial Private Bank (IBU) Ltd. Incorporated  in 1993 and licensed by Central Bank of North Cyprus  in 1993 under the Banking Secrecy Act and Cyprus Banking Law No. 48 - 1990, and provides secure financial services and asset and portfolio protection recognized internationally.

Mondial Private Bank (IBU) Ltd. known as "Mondial Private Bank (IBU) Ltd.'' has been the first bank to introduce many developments with the  goal of providing the best customer service for both individual and corporate clients.

Mondial Private Bank (IBU) Ltd. providing a full range of financial services for personal and corporate clients including , Trade Financing, Investment Banking, Merchant Banking, Forex exchange operations, International Funds Management and Derivative Financial Market Services as well as other conventional banking services. We offers trust services to our clients and supply a perfect role on tax saving and planingwith the offshore secret knowledge.

Mondial Private Bank (IBU) Ltd.has taken steady steps to become a leader among International Banks.In 2007, particularly after introducing our new product, MasterCard and Visa we enjoyed a great demand from our customer base.

Our international staff from multicultural backgrounds are here to assist you every step of the way towards financial liberty through modern International banking. Every client is important and receives individual attention from their personal accounts manager.